Digital Signage is Worth Thinking About

Digital Signage is moving into all aspects of the hospitality industry not only in hotels but restaurants of all types, foodservice and all aspects of our industry. Digital Dining is working hand in hand with Four Winds Interactive to bring our customers all kinds of amazing digital signage offerings. Below and in this video are just a few examples our dealers can offer you:
  • Point of Sale system integration – integrate directly with your DD making it easy to make changes directly within DD and have them dynamically display on your digital menus
  • Flexibility – quickly adjust price changes, menu additions and promotional items on the fly
  • Versatility – customize your messaging based on time of day and demographic audience
  • Lower perceived wait time – use compelling elements in your signs to distract your guests
  • Centralized control of menus, pricing, & Easy, time-saving web-based management web-based management interface
  • Increased revenue – add eye-catching specials and promotions proven to increase sales
  • Automatic Scheduling – set a schedule so it changes automatically based on time of day


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