The iPad mini for mobile terminals and the iPad for stationary terminals. What a perfect match!

Digital Dining now offering a Ipad mini mobile POS for restaurants and it’s only been a few days since it was released! See how small and light the iPad Mini is and how well it would work as a mobile POS terminal for table side service.  An ipad mini restaurant POS, the perfect solution.

The day has now arrived where Apple has a DD solution that is top in demand and top in performance. The larger iPad is perfect as a terminal, we now have many stands that work perfectly for this and a MSR for reading credit cards, gift cards, etc. These units have such a beautiful resolution that goes perfectly with Digital Dining’s unbelievable high graphic resolution. The ipad mini is perfect for mobile situations where the server wants to carry it in their aprons. This device is thin and light yet large enough to see and show customer pictures on. We have influenced the sale of thousands of the IOS devices like the iPad, iPod, iPhone and now also the iPad mini.

iPad mini is running the Digital Dining POS system for restaurants

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