Mobile Payment is the Future of Payment

There is no doubt that with the responsibility of EMV becoming the restauranteurs’ in 2015 that the rapidly developing world of mobile payment is quickly becoming what paying bills on line became to our culture. Paying your check in a restaurant on the same phone you carry any ways is just too convenient. Added to the convenience is the fact that it is a more secure way to pay than using a credit card regardless of having a pin or not and you have a the type of technology that can change consumer behavior.

Paydiant is a technology company that Digital Dining has interfaced with. They make the technology available to many banks and retailers to incorporate into mobile wallet apps like Barclay Banks bpay. Embedded in this blog is a video that show how the technology works, started by a QR code that prints on the guest check, the customer scans the check, selects the tip and card to pay with

Paydiant Technology from Digital Dining on Vimeo.