Save on Labor in the Kitchen While Improving Service with a Kitchen Video System

Digital Dining offers state of the art kitchen video display systems from QSR automation with are feature rich and infinitely configurable to meet the specific business needs of any restaurant concept and allow you to proactively manage based on real-time information and historical data. With advanced reliability, redundancy, recoverability eliminates unnecessary system down time.

Quick service restaurants rely on unique features such as add-on items, special sorting capabilities for items and sub-items, and bin management to enhance order accuracy, reduce food waste, make training faster and easier, and improve guest service.

Fast casual and pizza restaurants display tent cards or customer names, use countdown timers, and leverage bump-to routing for made-to-order dishes that require multiple stages of preparation in order to improve service times, enhance guest interactions, and ensure fresh, quality meals.

Table service restaurants leverage sophisticated item routing to send items to the appropriate prep station based on cook times so all items in an order complete at the same time, simplifying kitchen management, reducing ticket times, reducing training times, and improving food quality.

QSR Kitchen Video from Digital Dining on Vimeo.