Digital Dining’s Andre Nataf featured in VSR magazine

For the last seven years, VSR magazine has reached out to nearly a hundred of the major players in all the various vertical markets to create an informative Review and Outlook for the 2014 IT world. Take it from the experts in each corner of the channel, as they offer insights into the future and help you see around the technological corners. As this industry continues to change at an ever-increasing pace, virtually everything will soon be mobile, fast, and easier than ever before for everyone from vendors to customers.

Andre Nataf – Senior Business Development Manager at was feature in the review:

vsr0114_cover“We are now officially in a time where technology is moving at the speed or light. In fact, it is moving so fast that we see many products backed by millions of dollars that never make it to market because they are outdated before they are fully developed. I was told the other day that a leader in the laptop space said that they go to market with new products believing that their market advantage will last only six weeks. A must in the POS world today is giving your channel real differentiators they can sell and make residual income with. The POS channel is ever quickly evolving and those that are able to change and adapt are thriving. It is not only the big “mega” dealers but also those smaller geographically localized groups that have educated and specialized themselves in a specific vertical and also in the technology that their clients are currently seeking. Since the technology is always changing and evolving, this is not for the faint of heart. The key is partnering with product manufacturers and ISVs that can guide them, support them and give them tools to provide consultative value with. Today’s customer knows how to connect a landed network and load some software. They are no longer willing to pay for that but they will pay for experts and consultants that can bring expertise and professionalism that leads to better controls, marketing, customer satisfaction and revenue growth. The smarter planet is getting smarter all the time, are you?”

Here is a link to the full Review:—Outlook90743