Apple Pay in Your Restaurant

How to Integrate Apple Pay from the iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and the Apple Watch

integrating Apple Pay

Apple has once again, changed the way we interact in our continually evolving digital ecosystem. With the release of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and the upcoming release of the Apple Watch, there are a lot of excited Apple users. The most exciting Apple release is coming later this month, Apple Pay.

Whether you personally prefer Apple or Android, your restaurant’s livelihood will be affected by Apple Pay. With the release date looming in the near future, we at Digital Dining want to make sure that all of our customers understand what is coming and what we are doing to help you cash-in on the hype.

Apple Pay Facts:

  • Apple Pay uses an innovative NFC (Near Field Communication) antenna. These antenna have been integrating bank encoded easy payments for years, all over the world, but it never really caught on in the US.
  • NFC payments are secure and private, clients account information isn’t transmitted to your POS, or even stored on the client’s iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ or Apple Watch. In addition, the device will require the customer’s biometric finger scan to authorize payment, these features secure safety on both ends of every transaction.

Digital Dining and Apple Pay

We are very excited about Apple Pay at Digital Dining, because we know how it will benefit our customers. We have already begun the integration process with Apple Pay for our Freedom Pay terminals, which are NFC equipped and will continue conversions from there over the coming year.

How Apple Pay Will Help You

Our Director of Business Development, Andre Nataf had this to say about Apple Pay:
“We love the fact that it will drive mobile payments as a legitimate way to pay. We currently have lots of partners in this space and we think it will help them gain market share.”

We anticipate continuous growth in this field, now that Apple has entered the ring, we’ll see the gauntlet taken up by other digital payment companies, like:

  • PayPal
  • Level Up
  • Paydiant
  • Tabbedout
  • Google Wallet

Andre says that these easy pay companies “are making the wallet a thing of the past. The user experience is just too rich with Mobile Payment… It is the convergence of the wallet and the phone, now you will have more security and less stuff to carry around.”

Apple won’t be the only provider of the digital wallet, nor will the iPhone 6 be the only NFC ready device, in fact it’s not even the first. Many Android and other devices have offered NFC as a payment option, but none have presented it with so much integration and security before. Now that Apple has shown a better way to package, integrate and utilize the technology, we will see it incorporated (copied) by other devices as well.

According to Andre Nataf, Apple Pay will help us take our game to the next level,
“Technology is the definition of evolution and we always position our applications to leverage the newest technology like Apple Pay to make the restaurateur’s life more efficient and profitable, while increasing their service to their customer.”

Our goal at Digital Dining is to enhance the diners experience by minimizing the business transactions that interrupt it. We’ve got the digital side covered so you can focus on the dining.