Holiday Gift Card Do’s and Don’ts

How Can Holiday Gift Cards Help Your Business in 2015?Holiday Gift Card done wrong

The Holiday Season is in full swing at this point, which is great news for all of us. This season of generosity tends to lead consumers out of their homes and through your doors as they’re out doing their holiday shopping and celebrating, but do you know how to make that last all year?

There is a way to turn one winter visitor into a flood of customers for the next 6-12 months, I’m talking about gift cards. If you’re not already taking advantage of the gift card module with Digital Dining, you are really hurting yourself.

67% of holiday shoppers will buy at least one gift card this winter, for a friend family member or acquaintance. It’s true that gift cards in general get a bad name, being called impersonal, but not all gift cards are created equal. As the image above shows, even Santa can kill the Christmas spirit with a poorly planned gift card to Mrs. Clause. Turning a DIY project into a Do It Yourself gift is definitely the wrong way to use a gift card, but if he had used a gift card to your restaurant, promising a romantic evening away to unwind from the stress of the season, things would have gone better for old St. Nick. As it stands now, however, Santa gift just contributed to the 8 billion dollars in unused gift cards.

Unused cards do mean free money for you in the short term, but don’t help in the long run. If people buy your gift cards and give them away, but they are never redeemed, you are missing out on a lot of additional revenue. On average, gift card recipients spend an additional 20% on their meal. This is your chance to win them over, they have been referred to your restaurant by someone they trust and the door is wide open for you to create a return customer. If they fall in love with your service and menu, they will be more likely to share your food, ambiance and service with their friends in the form of a gift card.

We’re proud of our Gift Card module, here at Digital Dining, it’s a really powerful tool and a great way to get customers to advertise for you. The module verifies all gift cards in the system automatically, even at different locations. Cards are completely customizable with 999 different ways to define the card, including unique ID numbers to make each card more secure.

Our module can track who on your team is selling gift cards as well as how many are being sold and redeemed. It even allows you to incentivize gift cards to your teem with bonuses for reaching sales quotas, which will help your team and your bottom line. In addition to that, it can produce analytical reports with a variety of filters to help you track your sales quickly and concisely.

We hope you are taking full advantage of our services this season and seeing great success here at the end of 2014 and we hope your 2015 will be even better!

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