4 New Years Resolutions for Your Restaurant

Have You Made Any New Years Resolutions for Your Restaurant?New Years Resolutions for your Restaurant

It’s January again, and time to take a good look at your restaurant and set some New Years Resolutions. At Digital Dining, we’re dedicated to helping you improve your business, our technology is designed to streamline your system and cut the fat out of your organization, but it works better if your team works like a well-oiled machine. Here are 5 tips to make 2015 more successful and profitable:

  1. Track Expenses
  2. Improve and incentivize your staff
  3. Jump into Social Media
  4. Improve your menu

Track Expenses

Fortunately for you, your Digital Dining Point of Sale (POS) is loaded with reporting tools to help you track all of your expenses. You can identify simple data streams to view, like tracking all expenses by category from the day you opened to today, or generate custom reports, like the cost of labor in each department on December 25th 2014. Knowing where you are spending money, and where you are making money will make it possible to find places to cut back and where to spend more in order to increase profit margins.

Improve and Incentivize Your Staff

Because our system is so sophisticated, you can run reports on how each employee is performing. You can track hours worked, customized void reports by void type for each employee and many other custom metrics to see who is helping the bottom line and who needs a little help. To get your employees behind you in 2015, you can set up automatic rewards for top producers. Our system is detailed enough to track winners in each department, regardless of how you define winning for each area.

Jump into Social Media

Social Media is not just a time suck for lazy employees, it can really boost your customer base if done right. Building up a presence on relevant platforms can not only provide a forum for you to hear what your customers think, it also gives you a way to show off new menu items and offer special pricing to those in the know. Facebook has tools to help you create ads and even define who you want to see them. Google plus allows users to leave Google reviews, and Pinterest and Instagram are great places to post compelling images. It does require regular maintenance to keep your audience interested, but it can really pay off in the end.

Improve Your Menu

Since every order runs through our sophisticated POS system, every menu item is carefully tracked and you can see which items are stars, which items fall flat and which items have seasonal relevance. Don’t be afraid to bench some of the under-appreciated items, you are investing in ingredients and if there is no return, there is no reason to keep them on board. Try some new recipes and see what catches on.

2015 is here and you have all the tools you need to make the most of it and achieve your New Years Resolutions, assuming you’re using the latest version of our Digital Dining POS technology. If not, contact us and let us help you make the most of the New Year.