Labor Scheduling: Structure the Chaos and End the Frustration

Are you fighting a losing battle?Scheduling

If you’ve ever complained about herding cats, try herding future actors and singers, with a few adolescents thrown in to keep things interesting. Aside from stigmatizing your restaurant staff, we wanted to demonstrate the frustration of labor scheduling a staff that doesn’t work regular hours. It can be difficult to keep track of who’s coming and going, if they’re actually there and how good a job they’re doing, but with Digital Dining’s built in labor scheduling technology, it gets a lot easier.

Keeping Them Honest

How can you keep track of who is working when? Our product shows you at a glance when people are working, when they are supposed to be working and how well those two factors compare to each other. We make it easy to see who is arriving on time or trying to leave late, in fact, we include an option that makes it mandatory for employees to get a manager to approve any late clock-ins or early clock-outs. You have the option of using a Digital Dining biometric finger reader to make sure that you’re not paying for workers who aren’t really there, “buddy” clock-ins can cost a restaurant a lot of money and is basically small scale embezzling.

Helpful Reports

With our POS, you have the ability to run reports on all of your employees, create mock schedules, analyze who is most effective and when. With their tips, tables, times and other stats already in the system, you can really start to see how to get the most out of your servers and staff.

Staffing for Success

With the tools we include in your POS, you can determine who your top producers are, make sure you have one on each shift, leading by example and keep problem personalities on separate shifts. You can incentivize performance with bonuses based on work metrics and customer satisfaction. And, you can stop the waste of resources caused by badly staffed shifts, conflicting personalities, stolen time, late clock-ins and early clock-outs.

These factors may seem small, it may seem complicated to dig into these issues, but with our labor scheduling software, it’s easy to do and it really pays off. Don’t let staffing and scheduling problems nickel and dime you out of business, take advantage of the best tools in the business.

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