Improving Your Table Service

How Can You Improve Your Staff’s Table Service?table service

Training today’s servers to friendly, competent and confident can be a challenge, working on paper only compounds the chances of mistakes or failed service. With today’s digital generation, a smart, intuitive digital Table Service POS can make all the difference.

Easier on the Server

Your servers will be able to take advantage of our intuitive design to manage customers by table with our graphic table layout, customized to your actual floor space. At each table they are serving, they will be able to select items by image and when the meal is finished, they can even split the bill by the images each customer ordered. Not only will the POS be able to take payment on the spot with credit card readers and can also print receipts.

Easier on the Kitchen

Does your kitchen staff complain about lost tickets, illegible orders and partially delayed orders? It can be difficult to get the right food out the door at the right time, so we have developed technology to help with that. As orders are taken at the table, the order can be automatically sent to the kitchen. Food prep won’t be stunted by hard to read, confusing or lost orders, this will speed up their prep time and cut down on the servers back and forth trips from the kitchen to the floor.

If a customer knows what they want, the have the option to order it all at once without confusing the kitchen. The server has a tool called “Hold and Fire” which allows them to schedule when each item should be made. If a customer orders the appetizer, entrée and dessert all at once, the kitchen will be notified as each item needs to be made. The items will each be finished and delivered to the table seamlessly, as the table is ready for them. This too, will cut down on prep time and reduce the number of trips the server has to make to the kitchen to make an order.

Easier on the Customer

The customer is the beneficiary of all of our services, because they all increase the speed, accuracy and convenience of their dining experience. In addition, we offer customers frequent diner rewards to keep them coming back.

Easier on You

As your Servers and Kitchen Staff become more coordinated, they become more efficient and more profitable for the business. To further improve your restaurant’s efficiency, we offer biometric fingerprint scanners to help your staff clock in and out faster and more accurately. Our POS can also easily transfer tables from one server to another, as shifts change. Lastly, we have an application called “Item Out List”, which alerts you and the rest of the management staff when you are running low on particular ingredients and menu items.

When you fully embrace our Digital Dining POS technology, you will see an increase in Table Service quality, customer turn-around time, satisfaction and return customers.


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