Improving Your Customer Service

The worst part about your best night is how easy it is for some customers to get lost in the shuffle.

Improve Your Customer ServiceCustomer Service may seem straightforward, make sure your host smiles, have cheerful servers who know the specials and take down orders correctly, bring food out quickly and have tables cleaned promptly for each customer. Sadly, there is a breakdown as the night goes on:

  • Hosts get bored saying the same words over and over to unfamiliar faces
  • Servers trade off as shifts and rotations change, still trying to remember what each table needs
  • Bussers lose track of which tables are ready to be cleaned, making room for new customers

Improving your customer service is as easy as implementing our table management software. Your POS terminals and Mobile POS (M-POS) devices can be configured to the responsibility of the person assigned to it at any given time:

  1. Host
  2. Server
  3. Busser

Our software makes it easier for hosts to monitor which tables are available, with its digital display of all the tables in the room. The display is completely customizable and easy to use, so you can program the layout of your restaurant. This interface also makes it possible to see which servers are on duty and which tables they are responsible for. Servers can see each of their tables, what has been ordered and a list of drinks that may need to be reordered.

Our Table Management service has a lot of added features to help you analyze the speed and accuracy of all of your floor employees. It includes a “Wait List Management” feature that analyzes all of the tables, where they are in their meal and calculates when they will be available for new customers. In addition, there are “Table Alarms” and “Alarm Reports”. Table alarms are customizable and are set to alert servers and bussers if a customer has been left too long at a table or if a table has been sitting too long after its occupants have left. Moreover, managers can print off alarm reports of all floor employees and how many of each alarm your staff has set off. Knowing this, you can see which employees need help, where bottlenecks are forming and helping you decide what to do about theme.

At Digital Dining, we work hard to make managing your restaurant easier and more profitable. Take advantage of our technology and see how smoothly your operation can run.



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