Delivery Made Easy

Your Delivery ServiceIf deliveries have your business hitting a bump in the road, rest assured that you are not alone!  This is a high-traffic facet of business and there are many different people involved.  It can easily become a pile-up, resulting in slow service and dissatisfaction.  With Digital Dining, you have the ability to make it a smooth ride for everyone.


The first point of contact for your customers is the employee.  With Digital Dining, when patrons call, their information is listed before the phone is even answered!  Displayed for your staff member is the name, location, and even the last order of the customer.  Selling prompts appear on-screen to help your employee make suggestions and encourage greater sales, giving the green-light to higher profits.

Once the order is placed a detailed map can be printed, keeping driving time to a minimum.  Convenient delivery zone options will enable drivers to group deliveries into nearby areas, accelerating efficiency while eliminating frustration to both driver and customer.


Digital Dining is a welcome detour from the stress of managing such a multifaceted process.  Because the program allows management to document important staff-related dates, such as driver license and employee benefit renewals, less time is spent idling in administrative paperwork.

The unique Pay Driver Run feature permits the dispatcher to take multiple payments from different drivers within seconds, thus allowing management to leave this task to their staff and focus on other priorities.  This elimination of human error will make everyone’s job easier!


Last but most certainly not least, your customers will appreciate the ease and efficiency of ordering from your business.  Their orders will be well documented, drivers will arrive quickly, and payments will be a breeze.  Your delivery system will be a well-oiled machine, leaving the competition in the dust!

With Digital Dining, your delivery system will be a drive in the parkway!


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