Integrating Retail Sales into Your Restaurant

Retail Sales: Simplicity Made Simpleretail sales for your restaurant

Running a successful restaurant is no easy task.  Adding a retail element to your food service can be a great, albeit overwhelming, choice for your business.  With Digital Dining you can simplify this complex enterprise and make it convenient for both your employees and your customers.  Highlights of our Digital Dining Retail Sales options include:

  • Barcode Scanner
  • Food & Retail on One Check
  • Integrated Credit Card
  • Single Database

Barcode Scanner

As you well know, efficiency on the sales floor is a must.  Digital Dining offers a counter-integrated flatbed scanner option that will expedite the retail process.  This adds to the professional feel of your retail section and keeps wait time to a minimum.  Our barcode scanners can even advise cashiers when an item must be entered manually or if an item is out of stock.

Food and Retail Items on One Check

Paying twice is a hassle.  One of the valuable options offered by Digital Dining is that customers can have their beverages, food and retail purchases all on one check.  This simplifies the experience for the customer and your business, helping to maintain a well-organized enterprise.

Integrated Credit Card

Payment can come in many forms; sometimes customers need one check, a split check, or varied payment options.  Digital Dining allows customers to pay either the cashier or their server by whatever method they prefer.  Sales can even be authorized after an order is placed by a simple card-swipe.

Single Database

With the capacity to create and retain up to 999,999 files, your volume is unlimited.  A single database with nearly a million options is more than enough to maintain everything in your business, including menu items and gift selections, in one place.

Simplicity is king when running a multifaceted business. The easier the program, the less room for mistakes and customer dissatisfaction.  With the options Digital Dining offers, there is no limit to your opportunity for growth and productivity!