Why You Should Use Mobile POS Devices in Your Restaurant

The Secret Ingredient…

mobile pos devices in your restaurantLike every good restaurateur, you want your patrons to have a great dining experience that inspires customer loyalty and repeat business.  Sometimes, a delicious meal in a wonderful restaurant can be ruined by a payment hassle.  With our mobile POS options, your customers won’t be left with a bad taste in their mouths!

Using mobile POS devices in your restaurant can be the icing on the cake for your customers’ dining experience by offering:


“If you want something done right, do it yourself.”  It is an old adage, but one that is widely accepted.  With mobile POS devices in your restaurant, your customers can rest assured that their order is sent to the kitchen without the possibility of human error.  Staff is very busy, with their attention being pulled in many directions.  It is easy to become distracted by their  many tables and duties.  The mobile POS device eliminates the loss of information and time between an order being placed and it reaching the kitchen.


Everybody wants to know that their financial information is safe from the roaming eyes of strangers.  With a mobile POS device, your patrons’ credit cards are always within their view.  They are able to see what items they are buying at what cost and how much of a tip they are leaving, all before signing anything.  Payment is made right at the table, ruling out fears of a lost card or stolen identification number.


What could be easier for a customer than simply sitting at their table and having everything they need brought right to them?  Without the fear of an order being botched or their card leaving their sight, their dining experience will be a sweet one indeed.  With the added convenience of being able to split a bill and the capacity to earn and utilize loyalty benefits, there is little that can go wrong when using a mobile POS device!


As an added benefit to you and your staff, mobile POS devices in your restaurant increases efficiency. A traditional server has to take orders and then go to a wait station, wait for a terminal to open up and then enter those orders into the terminal. If that waiter is asked to run food or refill drinks they may take up to 10 minutes to enter an order. With the mobility of an M-POS, the server is able to enter the order tableside, so orders start as they are ordered. Not only does this pace your kitchen but it turns your tables faster while increasing quest satisfaction.

As you know, a restaurant is a very busy enterprise and there are many things that can go wrong.  Many of those things can be omitted, so why take the risk?  Turn a recipe for disaster into a recipe for success.  Your secret ingredient is the mobile POS device and options offered by Digital Dining.