Streamlining Your Reservations Process

reservationsThe complexities of running a successful business can be overwhelming.  There are so many details that can get lost in the shuffle, resulting in dissatisfied customers and lost business.  The good news is that Digital Dining has streamlined the mechanics of the industry, creating the ability to save time, reduce errors, and improve organization.  Our Reservations module is a completely integrated approach to reservations and everything that goes along with them.  If you want a smooth reservation process for your patrons, your staff, and yourself, then we have what you need.

Save Time

When your host receives a reservation request, there is no book to find or research to be done; it is all right there on your host’s POS device.  Because the program is completely customizable, special requests can be selected from a predefined list created by you.  There will be no scribbled information to try to decipher.  All of your guests’ options will be at your host’s fingertips, ready to be offered.

Reduce Errors

Our Reservation module is fully integrated and bookings or cancellations are immediately available, nearly eliminating the chance for oversights such as overbooking.    Any pertinent customer information can also be input and retrieved with the reservation so that your staff is able to be attentive to all the needs of your guests.

Improve Organization

With the integration of Digital Dining’s Reservation module, all requests are shown in real time.  If a patron’s preference is unavailable, your host is immediately able to see and offer alternative accommodations.  When you want to check on and analyze the efficacy of your reservation process, you are able to define what kind of reports you want to see, which will help you better understand what is working and what might need improvement.

Taking the guesswork out of your reservation process means that you can save time, reduce errors and improve the organization of your business.  A successful and profitable restaurant relies on satisfied guests and efficient staff.  You can garner both with Digital Dining Reservations.


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