Multi-Store Management

Take Control with Multi-Store CapabilitiesMulti-Store Capabilities

Having multiple store locations adds variety and opportunity to your business. With those benefits come challenges and if the different locations have diverse concepts, menus or pricing, keeping order will be even more difficult. What you need is a main office, where all of the information for each location can be housed, organized and monitored. But, where would this headquarters be located? How could it be accessible to you and your management?

Enter Digital Dining Multi-store.

Your main office can be located anywhere and everywhere with Digital Dining Multi-store. By utilizing data encryption, your sensitive information is kept safe and can be seen only by authorized users. Digital Dining Multi-store also uses data compression to keep files small and avoid expensive internet connections. With these advantages, you will be able to store information, create reports, and communicate with ease and limited expense.


There is a lot of information to keep organized and stored, especially when you have more than one location. Digital Dining Multi-store facilitates the storage of extreme amounts of information, in any configuration you prefer. With data encryption, this vital information is safe, even on the internet.


What good is storing all of your business information if you cannot easily retrieve it? Our program allows you to run reports based on single transactions, concept groups, regional locations, and on. However you want that information processed and reported, Digital Dining Multi-store can do it.


You can have ultimate control over your business with our specialized programming. Create new menus, observe sales, even create new databases for any location from anywhere. Distribute reports to different personnel in different locations at once without the hassle of travel or a postal service. There is nothing administrative that cannot be done with Digital Dining Multi-store.

It is hard to run a business when you don’t know what is happening in every location at all times. Make it easier on yourself to do just that with Digital Dining Multi-store. Take control of your operation and give yourself peace of mind knowing that all of your information is securely stored, easily reported, and readily communicated from location to location. If you want something done right, do it yourself with Digital Dining Multi-store.