Embracing New Thanksgiving Traditions

“Homemade” Thanksgiving meal with a whole new feel…New Thanksgiving Traditions

For the past several years the role of “Thanksgiving” in the US economy has changed. In the past stores could bank on selling record numbers of frozen turkeys, marshmallows and orange pilgrim themed paper goods, and assorted produce… times have changed.

There are fewer and fewer mothers each year with either the technical know-how or inclination to cook, roast, bake and baste a lavish Thanksgiving dinner. Sometimes a breakdown like this dooms a tradition to extinction, which happily hasn’t happen with Thanksgiving dinner. The solution, I am proud to say, was provided by the food service industry.

Thanksgiving Traditions in a Take-out Bag

Taking the Stress out of Thanksgiving dinner and putting it where it belongs… Black Friday. More and more families are finding fun ways to express their love and gratitude for each other, so who’s preparing the feast? Hopefully you are! Several of our clients have come up with new, creative and innovative ways to provide pick-up and delivery options to fit their customers holiday needs.

Black Friday

With families spending so much time together with an enormous Sunday paper, it was only a matter of time before they started to organize:

-“Grandma, you watch the kids. The tryptophan induced food coma should ensure a quiet night, but the parade is on the DVR in case anyone wakes up and needs to be put back under.”

-“Bob has been in line at the electronics store since 3pm and, God willing, he’ll be able to get everything we need there. Sara, can you send Jon over, in case he needs back-up?”

-“Then Sarah and I will tag-team the mall for the rest of the toys and clothes.”

-“Ready – BREAK!”

While some may mourn the changes in Thanksgiving traditions, they makes sense. Instead of the women spending all day in the kitchen while the men watch the game and the kids play football in the yard, the family has more free time to spend together.  The inherent problem with Thanksgiving has been played out on every sitcom for the last 30 years, its stressful cooking ALL DAY for family members who may or may not appreciate your sacrifice. Now we can relax and enjoy a nice dinner together and save the stress until midnight, when the doors open at the electronics store, kicking off Black Friday.

Thank You!

Whether you provide pies and pastries or perfectly seasoned turkey and ham, you have the opportunity to represent Thanksgiving this year. And Next year, when the kids are remembering their crescent roll stuffed with honey glazed ham, turkey and cranberry sauce, they will be thinking of you. You will be the new tradition, so thank you.  The time you spent perfecting your craft has made it possible for your neighbors’ families to enjoy good food in the comfort of their own homes.