The Hotel Restaurant Solution

Holiday Surge Simplified for Hotel Restaurant

Hotel Restaurant service improvmentAs you already know, it is complicated to run a hotel restaurant.   Adding the influx of holiday travelers to an already complex enterprise can leave you feeling defeated.  You want your restaurant to run smoothly and efficiently while providing excellent, satisfying service to your patrons.  Luckily, Digital Dining’s hotel and resort restaurant solutions can help you accomplish just that.  With our integrated POS, both your staff and your customers will enjoy Digital Dining’s signature ease of ordering, serving and paying.


With Digital Dining’s restaurant solutions, ordering is a breeze.  Regardless of the size of the group or the payment preferences, our handheld POS facilitates a seamless transaction, with customers getting exactly what they order in a timely manner with simple payment options.  With orders being sent directly to the kitchen from the table, there is no opportunity for a service failure, leaving patrons feeling well cared-for.


Digital Dining’s handheld POS allows a server to hold specific order items, such as entrees, so that they are not received by the kitchen immediately.  The POS also enables a server to reorder individual selections in a round of drinks for the table.  Individual, group or entire table totals are calculated right at the table and individual receipts can be printed.  The POS even alerts the server to out-of-stock items and offers alternatives.


No matter the configuration of payment that is best for your patrons, Digital Dining can accommodate.  Check splitting, menu item splitting and split payments are all accomplished without the confusion that so often accompanies such transactions.  Patrons can pay with a credit card right at the table or bills can even be charged to the patron’s hotel room account.

Digital Dining has the answer for the hectic holidays: our hotel and resort restaurant solutions.  With our integrated handheld POS, your staff and customers will enjoy the ease of ordering, serving and paying that positions your business a cut above the rest.  Enjoy the holidays, and let Digital Dining take care of the rest.



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