Resolution Season

Healthy Menu Items and Old Favorites for the Resolution Season

give them what they want for resolution seasonThe holidays are behind us and your restaurant can finally return to status quo.  Well, almost.  The new year brings new goals and rather than ordering their favorite comfort foods, your patrons may be looking for different menu items to better accommodate any health resolutions they may have recently made.

Digital Dining makes it easier, this resolution season, for your staff and customers alike to quickly find and order the foods they say they want.

RS-2Our handheld POS device is equipped with a Suggestive Selling feature. As your server begins to get a feel for the order and what patrons are eating to stay on track with their goals, she will be able to quickly locate and suggest similar items to address each patron’s preference.  And with the Menu Item Information feature, staff can quickly see item recipes so that they can easily and accurately answer questions about the foods they have suggested.

Digital Dining also makes it easy for your staff and customers alike to quickly find and order the foods they actually want.

RS-3Even the most ardent of dieters needs to indulge in a guilty pleasure from time to time. With our Special Customer features, your staff can suggest patron favorites or give frequent diner discounts.  Drinks orders can be sent to the kitchen before the server finishes taking the order at the table.  You can even keep track of patron birthdays and give your clientele the personalized service that has made yours their favorite restaurant.

Whether it is a frequent diner or a new face, an old favorite or a new diet, Digital Dining has the capability to customize every dining experience for every individual patron.  As your customers begin the new year with their personal resolutions, begin yours with resolve to give them the very best experience possible.  Digital Dining makes it easy to meet that goal.