Valentine’s Day TippingTipping for Valentine's Day

A Guide to Satisfied Customers and Staff

People love to eat out on holidays, and Valentine’s Day is no exception!  Your restaurant is likely to be filled with parties of two celebrating their special night.  Why not extend that love to your staff by giving them helpful tips for earning, well, tips!  We don’t want to weigh in on the ongoing controversy surrounding tipping practices, we just want to offer a few suggestions for those who will be earning tips from those who will be giving them.

Introduce Yourself With a Smile

Make your patrons feel welcome and personally attended to by greeting them and telling them your name.  This makes customers feel that their server is there for them and gives a personal touch to the interaction.  A big smile is also welcoming in any situation and helps the client to feel that their server is happy to be there, waiting tables and giving their all to this dining experience.  Studies show that staff who smiles and gives their own names are more likely to receive a larger tip.

Repeat the Order

Repeating a guest’s order is easy with Digital Dining’s handheld POS.  With the touch screen right in the palm of the server’s hand, he or she can easily read back, add to or change orders.  This accuracy gives patrons the assurance that their server knows what they want and is striving to get the order right.  When guests feel that their server is attentive and thorough, they are more likely to feel satisfied with the service they receive right from the start.

Give Great Service!

An excellent server is an asset to any restaurant.  Your patrons’ judgment of their experience in your eatery will be largely based on the way they feel they were treated by your staff.  Timely service, correct orders and attentive staff are paramount in the restaurant industry.  Not only does great service bring repeat business, but it also garners generous tips from happy customers.

This Valentine’s Day, share the love of fine dining with your patrons and your staff.  With extra attention to the details of food service, your restaurant will become the sweetheart of every guest!