Staff Presentation

Staff  Presentation is the Face of Your Establishment

Staff PresentationThere is an old adage that reminds us of an important truth:  “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

You have worked hard to make the outside of your restaurant look as inviting and professional as possible, and luckily your staff knows that once your storefront or reputation has brought patrons in, they are the professionals who will keep them coming back!  Patrons are greeted, seated and attended to by the employees upon whom you rely, to make a great impression.  These staff members serve as the liaisons between your patrons and your business, and the impression they make is the most important one!

Patrons and servers alike have their own tastes and style, but a few things are universally appreciated.  Your staff makes a lasting positive impression by looking their best, having a positive attitude and doing a great job multitasking.

Dressed to impress

Patrons are impressed with your staff when they look sharp.  Well-fitting, clean clothes give a crisp, tidy feeling to each server.  Guests notice the attention they have paid to their hair and appreciate their clean and trimmed nails.

Positive attitude

It is so pleasant to meet with a happy server.  A smile and cheery attitude help patrons to feel like the staff is happy to be there and glad to help.  When people choose to eat out, it is commonly a celebratory or cheerful occasion and their experience is augmented by staff who is glad to serve them with a smile.  A cheerful server is often rewarded with a grateful tip.

Great at multitasking

Every server knows that working in a restaurant is serious business!  There is always a lot going on and they don’t have the luxury of serving one table at a time.  When staff is good at multitasking, each table of guests feels like their needs are being met and that they are important.  Servers who are happily available to each patron are an absolute asset and help to make your business a success.

The best impression of your restaurant is given by your staff.  Servers who look their best, have positive attitudes and busily multitask to take care of each and every patron are so impressive to your guests!  These staff members do a great job impressing your guests and inspiring confidence in your establishment.