Is Your Staff Hurting Your Bottom Line?

How is your staff affecting the bottom line?

bottom lineWorking in a restaurant can be intense, but rewarding.  A job well done means that customers were satisfied with their dining experience and staff felt appreciated for their hard work.  But with so many customers and a sizeable staff, it can be difficult to keep tabs on employees and their contribution to your business.  Digital Dining offers a staff maintenance function that allows you the capability of monitoring staff time, performance and sales.

Staff Time

The hours worked by your staff can have a major impact on their attitudes which, in turn, can have a major impact on your business.  Digital Dining’s staff maintenance capabilities will help management to see what amount of hours employees are working and make changes where they see a need.

  • A staff member who is receiving too few hours will not have the devotion to the job that they might like to have; time spent at work helps build knowledge of the menu and operations, working relationships with other staff members and a feeling of belonging to the restaurant family.
  • A staff member who is receiving too many hours might be tired and worn-down, reflecting this exhaustion in their work habits. Their attention might be focused on matters outside of work, rather than giving their all during a shift.  Customers might feel that this over-worked staff member is distracted and disconnected from their needs while dining in your restaurant.

Staff Performance

bottom line, pick pocketThis function allows management to review an employee’s performance.  Memos can be kept on each staff member to see patterns of behavior and service so that needs can be addressed and appreciation can be expressed.

Staff Sales

Keeping an eye on individual employee sales helps management to see which staff members are bringing in the most sales and garnering the most tips.  Patrons who feel well-cared-for by their server are likely to stay longer and purchase more.  Higher tip quantities reflect greater satisfaction with a staff member.  This information can be utilized in many ways, helping to know which staff members to assign to larger groups.

At Digital Dining, we know that your staff is the greatest asset your restaurant has.  With the many different capabilities offered by our program, you can increase both staff and customer satisfaction, bringing your bottom line to the top!