Team Meetings

Surviving team meetings & keeping your staff on the same page.

staff and team meetingsPerhaps one of the most overlooked but vital elements of the restaurant industry is team meetings. Although staff meetings are notorious for being a dreaded part of any workplace, this doesn’t have to be the case. Taking the time to conduct regular, expected meetings with staff members is an effective way to ensure that your team

  1. Stays interactive
  2. Disseminating new information
  3. Stays motivated

Staying Interactive

A restaurant has a number of different service areas that make up the whole. In addition to management, there are servers, hosts and hostesses, and cooks, among others. It is common for each area of staff to become chiefly concerned with their own tasks, leaving other concerns to the other departments. However, a team meeting is an opportunity for staff members to consistently see the overarching concept and goal and to make decisions from a holistic view. Giving each department an opportunity to provide insight on what others can do to make their jobs run more smoothly generates a feeling of goodwill and cooperation when it is coupled with encouragement from management to consider everyone involved and to stay focused on the overall success of the restaurant.

Disseminating New Information

Information is most effectively absorbed when it is directly given and received. Just like the childhood game of “telephone”, information is less likely to be correct when it has traveled through more than one source before it arrives at its destination. Team meetings are a perfect time to relay new information and be assured that it was delivered correctly.  This also makes it easier to hold team members accountable for the information that they were given.

Do what you loveStaying Motivated

It is exceptionally easy for a job to become just a job – for enthusiasm to go out the window and for the job to become mundane and repetitive. The problem with this is that employees don’t tend to be successful when they are bored or feel like they aren’t able to make a difference when it is needed. Team meetings are a great way to get input from employees, or also a way (when conducted appropriately) to have employees express concerns in a positive, forward-thinking way. Sometimes employee-led changes, even minor ones, in a restaurant can really help employees feel motivated and in touch with their employers.

Essentially, it is vital that an employer keeps his thumb on the pulse of the restaurant. In a thriving and changing industry, it is imperative that team meetings are used to gauge the constantly changing dynamic; this way, issues can be addressed quickly and the culture of the restaurant can stay positive and healthy.