10 Tips to Ease Tension Between Cooks and Servers

As with any customer focused business, making sure all employees are getting along and working as a team is important. In a restaurant, this includes keeping cooks and servers tension free. Utilize these tips to reduce tension between cooks and servers.


Encourage Cooks and Servers To Say Please and Thank You

This may sound like a very simple thing but too often people take this for granted and forget to say it. Encourage this kind of respect and everyone will be in a better mood because of it.

Discourage Boasting of Tips

When servers talk about how much they make in tips and there are cooks who do not get tips, it can create animosity. You want to avoid this as much as possible by discouraging any talk of how much your servers are making in tips.

Don’t Let Cooks and Servers Take Things to Heart

No matter what is happening in the work environment, encourage all employees to remember that this is a job and nothing is meant to be directed specifically at them.

Create a Fun Environment

When your cook and servers are all having fun, they will not have the time to fight with each other and not get along. Create a fun environment both in the front of the house as well as the back of the house.

Encourage Correct Orders

Encourage your cooks and servers to take their time making sure all orders are correct. This begins with your servers putting in the orders correctly as well encouraging your cooks to take the time to prepare it correctly. When this type of attention to detail is followed by both cooks and servers, you can eliminate any tension between cooks and servers.

Cross Train All Employees

Cross training your employees is important because it allows all employees to understand exactly what others are doing. They will create a deeper understanding of their jobs and will be less likely to judge them for doing something they perceive to be wrong.

Focus on Education and Communication

Education is one of the strongest ways you can eliminate the tension between cooks and servers. Additionally, encourage open communication at all parts of the process so no one has a reason to feel left out or confused.

Minimize Negativity To Reduce Tension Between Cooks and Servers

If you have negativity in your restaurant, you need to do everything you can to eliminate it and focus on the positive no matter the situation.

Focus on Tasks

When your cooks and servers are focusing on the task at hand, they will not have time to criticize one another or find reasons to pick fights.

Create Harmony

Create a team environment where everyone works together and you will have a more positive atmosphere both in the front of the house and the back of the house.