3 Ways Digital Dining Makes Your Servers Look Good

3 ways servers look goodDigital dining is the future of the restaurant industry. Improving your customer’s experience doesn’t mean having them place orders and process payments on their own, with table-top POS devices, it means improving your customer service. Our mobile POS devices help your business focus on the modern world but also make your servers look a lot better in the eyes of customers.

How We Make Servers Look Good

  • Table alarms notify servers when it’s time for them to re-visit tables. Visiting patrons when they need you is practically a science, servers want to arrive when they are needed for a refill or an order, not before and defiantly not too late. Forgetting about a good table because you’re focusing on a picky table is inexcusable, our alarms help your servers avoid that type of situation. Servers can even create custom alarms on the fly if they notice a table that needs them earlier or later than usual.
  • Servers can hold and fire orders when it is time. Instead of putting in all of the orders at one time, including appetizers and main entrees, they can hold off on orders and submit them when the time is right. This allows servers to better time orders so they do not come out at one time and eliminates complicated timing explanations with the cooking staff.
  • Tableside bill-pay. With digital dining, the server can show them their bill, split items, and more all from the tablet. They can even accept payment by swiping a credit card immediately after ordering or whenever the customers are ready. This allows servers to better care for customers by getting them in and out quickly. If a server needs to transfer a check to another server because of a change in shift, this can be done seamlessly as well.

Digital dining makes the entire experience smoother and more enjoyable for both customers and servers. Make your staff look better by taking advantage of our built-in features, we’ll help you keep your customers hungry for more.