How Seasonal Gift Cards Can Boost Your Sales All Year Long

Can Seasonal Gift Cards Really Boost Your Sales?

gift-card-adPeople love to give gift cards, it’s just a fact of the holiday season. With gift card popularity on the rise, it’s critical for your restaurant to take advantage of this fact. Gift Cards can actually boost your sales all year long. Digital Dining offers automated gift cards to your customers that can make the process so much easier for your business. Not only does our system verify the card automatically, but it can also give you up-to-the-minute reports generated to let you track the entire sales process from start to finish. Here are a few other reasons that gift cards can drive your sales up all year.

Gift Cards are Free Marketing

By pushing your gift cards during the holiday season, you guarantee that new person, who might not have heard of you, come into your restaurant to use their Gift Card. The person who bought the gift card obviously knows and loves your restaurant, so think of that person like your own marketing blast, because once they give out that card, the recipient is almost guaranteed to be your new customer. If they come in once, you have the opportunity to “wow” them with your food and service and they’ll be back.

Holiday Season and Into The New Year

People tend to treat themselves to more items on the menu when they have a gift card, including appetizers, fancy cocktails, and desserts. This drives up the total cost of the bill, making more money for your establishment. Usually, customers are happy that the gift card covered part of the bill and are going to order more anyway since they view their card as a percentage off of their tab. They are more likely to splurge on pricey items, like a better bottle of wine when they have a gift card to cover some of it.

Now is the time to utilize your Digital Dining Gift Card module to start preparing for the New Year and your new customers. It’s truly one of the most effective tools in taking your restaurant’s revenue to the next level not only during the holiday season but all year long.