7 Daily Restaurant Cleaning Duties

It’s not just the food that brings customers back, but the restaurant’s presentation itself.

Everyone loves going out and eating delicious food. But you know what they love more? Eating delicious food at a clean, sanitized place.

Cleaning isn’t fun, especially at a restaurant with 20+ tables and hourly spills. No one likes to do it, but in order to keep the restaurant in business and keeping customers happy… it needs to happen.

Here are 7 daily musts for cleaning a restaurant:

  1. Wash tables, bars, chairs, and booths with a clean, sanitized rag. Also, make sure to dry off the surfaces before customers are seated.
  2. Bathrooms should be sanitized from top to bottom and stocked with soap, paper towels, and toilet paper. (Bathrooms should really be checked on the hour.)
  3. Tile or wood floors need to be swept and mopped after closing or if spills occur (make sure to have signs/cones to warn customers and employees of wet floors.) Carpet areas should also be vacuumed thoroughly.
  4. Condiments bottles should be wiped down and the lids should be spotless of dried condiments. No one likes crusty ketchup falling onto their plates.
  5. Menus need to be wiped down after each use. Believe or not, they can get pretty dirty.
  6. Clean windows and doors when there are fingerprints and streaks.
  7. Dust/wash anything from walls, decor, blinds and light fixtures.

There is no reason for employees to have nothing to do during hours, even when it’s not busy. Cleaning is not a one woman/man job. It’s a group effort and should be distributed to all.