Make Your Restaurant the Go-To Place for Valentine’s Day Dates

Valentine’s Day dates are being planned and it’s important your restaurant is on the itinerary.

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day quickly approaches. Everyone is planning their special day with their significant other and it’s important you make your restaurant the go-to place for Valentine’s Day dates.

Here’s how…

  1. Have a Valentine’s Day special– Whether it’s a discount on the check, making a special Valentine’s Day menu or making the dessert free, have something that will intrigue couples and make them want to come.
  2. Keep it intimate– Couples want to a quieter more romantic environment on Valentine’s Day. Keep the Valentine’s Day decorations to a minimum, lower the lights and keep the music down a bit more, maybe even change it to a romantic playlist.
  3. Staff smart– Keep your best staff on the floor and have them treat the customers with even more respect than they already do. You want your customers to recognize the different atmosphere on Valentine’s Day so they’ll want to come again the following year.
  4. Market, market, market– If you want people to come to your restaurant on Valentine’s Day, you need to let them know you want them beforehand. Post on your social media pages there’s a Valentine’s Day special, create an advertisement, announce it on the front page of your website, make fliers and let your customers know today as they walk out the door.
  5. Go the extra mile–  Have the server offer something thoughtful with the check such as a rose, goody bag of heart shaped chocolates or perhaps a half-glass of champagne.

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and it’s important you make your restaurant the hot spot of the night.