Bars and Nightclubs

5 Features to Help Improve Bars and Nightclubs

Are you using Digital Dining in your Bar or nightclub? Our Point-of-Sales system can really help improve your business and your customer’s experience.


Digital Dining isn’t only a great tool for restaurants, but also has been a huge success in bars and nightclubs. Here are 5 great features ways that Digital Dining can help improve your bar or club:

  • Double Any Drink- With Digital Dining, bartenders can change a drink to a double automatically, the item’s price will adjust and the inventory reduction will be calculated according to the drink’s size.
  • Casino Font- The bartender’s POS can be set to use a large sales total display, assisting with customers, secret shoppers, and management auditing.
  • Happy Hour Pricing- Digital Dining can automatically change the price of a menu item based on the time or day for happy hour, entertainment or any other type of promotion.
  • Drink Recipes- Drink recipes can be displayed and printed on the POS device which can help new or inexperienced bartenders prepare drinks. This can also help see what drinks are most popular.
  • Quick Tab Transfer- During shift changes, incoming bartenders can pick up all open tabs from the outgoing bartender. Tabs can also be transferred to a different server in the bar.

At Digital Dining, we’re doing what we can to make it easier for bars and nightclubs to be successful. If you own a bar or club and need help improving your point-of-sales, call Digital Dining Heartland to see everything we can do for your business.