POS for Drive-Thru

Using POS Devices can Revolutionize your Drive-Thru

The top priority in most restaurants, if not all, is to keep customers happy so they’ll want to come back again and again. It is important to remember, however, that those customers also include those at the drive-thru.

Here is an easy formula to remember for keeping your drive-thru customers happy:


Here’s why:

  • Speed: When someone goes through a drive-thru, it’s typically because they’re in a rush and don’t have time to walk into the restaurant. Therefore, it’s important for your employees to keep up with the drive-thru line while processing orders on your POS system. With Heartland Digital Dining, employees are able to quickly find the menu items the customers want, see the running total and quickly move them from ordering to picking up. Orders are automatically sent to a screen in the kitchen so employees can prepare and bag the orders quickly for customers.
  • Accuracy: Your drive-thru customer’s worst fear is that they will drive all the way home only to find that the chicken sandwich they ordered is now a cheeseburger, or worse yet isn’t in the bag at all! With Digital Dining’s POS system, drive-thru customers can view their order on a display screen outside by the menu and correct any mistakes they find.

If your restaurant includes a drive-thru and you’ve noticed a lack of speed and/or accuracy, contact Digital Dining Heartland to learn more about their POS system to make your drive-thru 100x better.