3 Reasons to Switch to a POS in Your Cafeteria

Heartland Digital Dining is improving the speed and flow of cafeterias.

More and more cafeterias are using point-of-sales systems to help speed up their service and improve the flow. When it comes choosing a POS system, however, things can get a bit frustrating as questions arise:

  • “Which one has the best software?”
  • “What features fit your needs best?”
  • “What features should you even be looking for?”


Well here are 3 reasons why you should choose Heartland Digital Dining for your cafeteria’s POS system:


  1. Improves inventory management: Our POS has an inventory system for cafeterias that can support multiple locations along with items for stock take, requisitions, and profit center cost analysis.
  2. Speeds up service: Our system speeds up cafeteria lines with features such as…
  • Back-to-Back Cashiering: Increases the transaction process during peak volume periods.
  • Customer Pole Displays: Allows customers to see their subtotal and tax along with amount tendered and change amounts.
  • Customer Facing Displays: Promotes sales and displays check and subtotal information simultaneously to customers.
  1. Flexible payment options: Our system supports FreedomPay, Debitek, on account charges, private-labeled charge cards, payroll deductions and more. We also make it easy to merge large groups into a single check.

Improving inventory management, speeding up services, and having flexible payment options is only the beginning of our features for cafeterias. To learn more about this incredible system, contact Heartland Digital Dining.