5 Reasons to Get the Reservations Module

Planning reservations just got a whole lot easier!

Planning and organizing reservations for the day or week can become a complex task. The host could not have written down the reservation in the correct spot, so no one can find it and then you have an upset customer. There could be some miscommunication between employees or even the customer so the reservation gets overlooked. Or a special request made by the customer ends up going out to another reservation. Whatever it is, reservations can become hard and more stressful than they really should be.

Thankfully, Heartland Digital Dining has taken this into consideration and created a Reservations module that now makes booking a reservation a breeze.

Here’s how:

With Heartland Digital Dining Reservations module you can…

  1. Have alternative suggestions pop up if a certain time or spot is unavailable, giving the customer immediate alternatives and feedback.
  2. Book a special event in the back office and include special instructions so no one becomes lost in the dark once the event happens. Hosts can also select the predefined event from a list and the POS will immediately apply the event’s data to the new reservation.
  3. Design reports to help prepare large parties, special requests, or special events. It can also analyze table information and reservation cancellations.
  4. Define special requests from customers so hosts can search for the most applicable tables that meet the request requirements.
  5. Works well with Heartland Digital Dining’s Table Management module, the Host Register, and the Wait List so you can access customer information, know when they have been seated so the new information can be added to the check, and will follow the entire transaction from start to finish.

So no more stressing about reservations. Contact Heartland Digital Dining today to learn more about this one of a kind module! You won’t regret it!