Why You Should Switch to POS In Your Hotel

Managing food services in your hotel just became better than ever!

Managing food services in your hotel can become very stressful fast! With Digital Dining’s Hotel Solutions, however, you can manage the food services in an orderly well manner, making sure your guests are happy and that you are stress-free.

Digital Dining’s Hotel Solutions allows servers to verify a customer’s room account and charge the room accordingly when closing a check. Even payments made with credit cards can be posted to the account. The Hotel Solutions can also be used in DD Mobile so you have a desktop terminal in the palm of your hand, making it easier to handle guests, reduce labor cost and increase the speed of service.

When it comes to creating a new check, the POS allows you to validate a customer’s room account so the check includes the name and room number of your customer and a signature line for him or her to sign. Then when you close a check, immediately the POS accesses the PMS database and charges the correct room account.

The Hotel Solutions can also transfer a single check or multiple checks from one staff member to another under a secure audit trail so nothing gets lost. It can even customize the check when it prints for particular types of POS stations based on staff departments, time of day, and day of the week.

Other features of Digital Dining’s Hotel Solutions include:

  • Reorder Button where you can reorder a round of drinks for every customer rather than reordering each drink manually.
  • Split Item allows servers to split menu items between guests.
  • Graphical Split Checks gives table servers the ability to separate checks by each person manually. The POS then calculates the total and prints separate receipts.
  • Item Out List helps to stay up to date on out-of-stock menu items and will suggest an alternate item for your guests who choose that particular item.
  • Fingerprint ID allows staff to clock in, clock out, and perform certain functions based on their security levels.

Running a hotel is already a stressful job, don’t add any more stress if you don’t have too. Contact Digital Dining today to learn more about their Hotel Solutions.