Delivery and Take-Out

Enhance your restaurant’s delivery and take-out service with Digital Dining!

The delivery and take-out service in a restaurant can truly make or break a restaurant’s business. When people call for delivery, they are expecting to receive their order fast and exact. They don’t want to have to call back to say an item was forgotten. With Digital Dining, we are here to help make sure your delivery and take-out service makes your restaurant’s business better.

With Digital Dining’s delivery and take-out system, we have made sure to focus in on the customers. With colorful highlighted maps to quickly route the customer, a frequent diner program to reward frequent customers, and with a caller ID showing customers’ names, telephone numbers, their order history, and other customizable information, you are certain to ‘wow’ your customers with your delivery service.

Other features our Delivery and Take-Out system includes:

  • Zone-based Deliveries for maximized efficiency by assigning delivery zones to address based on a set of rules.
  • Dispatch Register allows staff to print detailed maps of alternate routes for the quickest delivery.
  • Delivery Labels can be printed for individual items or the entire order. These can help with customer’s specifications on items.
  • Delivery Instructions are added to a delivery check to provide drivers with delivery instruction and any other useful information on the customer.
  • Pay Driver Run makes paying checks quick and easy. Drivers can pay for customer orders when they return with Pay Driver Run which allows dispatchers to take multiple payments from in-coming drivers.

If you need to improve your delivery and take-out services at your restaurant, call Digital Dining today and we’ll be more than happy to get you started with our system.