Why Switch to Digital Dining in Your Back Office?

Digital Dining has reduced your labor hours in the back office with their innovative and easy-to-use Back Office features.

The back office for any company is the heart of keeping a business running, therefore, can become the most stressful place. Thanks to Digital Dining, however, it doesn’t have to be. With Digital Dining’s Back Office program, everything that needs to get done in the back office has become made easier and simpler.

Here’s why:

  • Accounts Receivable is an easy-to-use program that allows you to process invoices, statements, payments, and monitors the status of all accounts such as corporate accounts, employee accounts, trade accounts, house charges and so on.
  • Menu Maintenance allows you to have complete control over their menu. Digital Dining’s Menu Maintenance program allows you to maintain over 99,000 menu items, make changes to large numbers on the menu, analyze menu item sales, cost and profits, and so much more.
  • Staff Maintenance features can analyze productivity, provide information for payroll, and have staff information at your fingertips. Digital Dining’s Staff Maintenance program allows you to make staff member records active or inactive, provide tip history for each staff member, monitor who is clocked in, and so much more.
  • Point of Sale Reporting tool allows you to customize reports based on their specific needs. The reports provide up to date data and use all the information from the point of sale to produce detailed reports for every type of transaction.
  • Credit Card Processing program allows all credit card transactions to be conducted from the point of sale and reported to your bank directly. End-of-day reports can be easily obtained along with tracking sales and sales history for each card type.
  • Inventory just became a whole lot easier to track with Digital Dining. Menu items and their recipes are automatically reduced every time a server pays a guest check. The inventory program also helps with stocktaking, ordering and receiving stock, calculating food costs, and so much more!
  • Labor Schedule with Digital Dining allows you to enforce schedules as staff clock-in along with requiring manager approval for early or late clock-ins. It also has a fingerprint feature to ensure no “buddy” clock-ins. Digital Dining’s Labor Schedule program also you to create labor budgets to accurately predict upcoming labor needs.

Make your job easier with Digital Dining’s Back Office. You won’t regret it!