Table Management

Improve your customer service with faster table management.

When it comes to waiting for a table, customers don’t like waiting longer than what the host had told them. Restaurants actually lose customers that way if the error keeps occurring. With Digital Dining’s Table Management module, your customer service won’t only improve but your restaurant will be able to turn tables much faster with features such as…

  • Table Alarms which allows servers and floor managers to know which tables have waited too long for services or haven’t had service at all.
  • Alarms Reports informs managers about their servers’ tables and addresses the table servers who have failed to attend a table at reasonable times.
  • Room Layout Designer assigns specific properties to tables, table types, and rooms.
  • Wait List locates tables to your customer’s preferences and accurately calculate how long the wait will be and notify them when the table has opened.
  • Staff Rotation allows the manager to assign servers to new tables based on their capability and current workload.
  • Three Operation Modes consists of host, bus, or server and has specific features per mode to make each specific job easier.  

If you are in desperate need of heightening your customer service when it comes to table management, contact Digital Dining to learn how you can start today!