Why You Should Switch to Digital Dining to Help Organize Your Staff

How is your staff maintained?

As a manager of a restaurant, it is essential that you have your staff members information organized along with when and where in the restaurant they work. It can sometimes get out of hand or messy, especially when you have a lot of staff members and can’t keep them all straight. Well, lucky for you, Digital Dining has just the thing!

With Digital Dining’s “Staff Member Maintenance” tool on our POS program, you can:

• Record availability for individual staff members
• Edit and report time cards
• Export payroll data to external payroll programs or services
• Have a history of tips and sales for each staff member
• Maintain staff departments and assign staff members to those departments
• Send email messages to individual staff members
• And so much more!

Call Digital Dining today to get started on their program so you can become stress-free, especially when it comes to organizing your staff members!