5 Reasons to Offer Gift Cards

Not only will gift cards bring customers in again and again, but they are a great promotional tool.

Did you know roughly 93% of Americans have either received or given a gift card to someone? American consumers absolutely love gift cards, it makes them feel like they have free money to spend. Also, they are actually a great way for businesses to engage their customers and to keep them coming back.

If you have not started issuing gift cards at your restaurant yet, then consider these 5 reasons to start.

  1. Increase Traffic: Every gift card sold results in at least two customers- the person who purchased the gift card and the recipient. First Data has also confirmed that more than 10% of gift card recipients have never visited the store or restaurant before receiving a gift card.
  2. Greater Value: Receiving a gift card makes consumers feel like they have immediate money to spend. Also, more than half of recipients come in more than once to deplete their gift cards.
  3. Brand Awareness: Gift cards are like a “wallet-sized” billboard to remind customers to visit you.
  4. Reduces Fraudulent Activity: Gift cards can help reduce fraudulent activity since there is no need of worrying about a cardholder’s information being stolen or someone replicating the gift card.  
  5. Cash Upfront: When a gift card is purchased, the cash is yours until the card is redeemed.

At Digital Dining, we offer an easy to use gift card module that allows you to automate gift cards. The module allows you to track gift card sales and ensures you that the gift cards are being sold and used securely. If you are wanting to issue and accept gift cards at your restaurant, make sure to check out the benefits and features of our Gift Card Module here.

If you have any questions, feel free to call Digital Dining today!