How to Manage Millennials in the Workplace

Millennials are taking over the workplace. Are you ready?


Millennials are people who are born in America between the years 1980 and 2000. Aside from what the media and the world portray of them, in the next 10 years, millennials will make up 75% of the world’s working population. That means business owners of all types will have to learn to work with the so-called picky and demanding generation.

So how will you, as a restaurant owner, work with this generation?

Here are some suggestions for motivating and managing Millennials:

  1. Allow them to grow– Millennials are always looking for the next best thing so allowing them to grow and move up in positions will make them more likely to want to stay and work harder.
  2. Recognition– When millennials succeed at something, praise them for it. Millennials thrive on positive feedback. They will feel a sense of pride which will push them to work harder to feel that satisfaction again.
  3. Be flexible– Millennials tend to like change, even if it’s a simple schedule or location change. So as a restaurant owner, be accommodating and explore different working environments based on flexibility instead of structure.
  4. Don’t try to control– Millennials hate being controlled and would rather be advised. So, instead of just being their boss, strive to be their mentor by giving helpful advice and informal feedback.
  5. Give them purpose– Millennials work much harder when they feel their work is important and can affect other people positively.

As most restaurant owners know, it can be frustrating at times to work with millennials. Learning to work with them now, however, will prepare you for the future and will give your restaurant a competitive advantage. Properly motivated, they may even end up being your hardest workers.