Speed Up Your Services With Digital Dining

Faster services, happier customers

Customer service is your restaurant’s top priority, right? The biggest complaints we hear about in the restaurant industry are all related to speed:

  •         “We had to wait to be seated”
  •         “We had to wait for our server to come”
  •         “We were constantly waiting for refills”
  •         “We waited forever for our food to come out”
  •         “How long does it take to run a credit card?!”

If you’re trying to improve your restaurant’s customer service, the biggest improvements you can make are to your response times to your customers.

Unfortunately, you’ve talked with your team, you’ve watched your team and you’ve evaluated your team and they are practically running from table to table and from station to station and they can’t do it any faster! You don’t have a lazy team, you have a popular restaurant, but if you want that to continue, something will need to speed up.

At Digital Dining, we know your pain and we’ve found a way to help your staff get from table to kitchen, to POS terminal and on to the next table faster… by cutting out the back and forth!

Here’s how our software helps speed up your customer’s dining experience:  

  • Table Alarms let your servers and know when it’s time to return to each table, so no one feels neglected.
  • Alarm Reports can let you and your managers evaluate if any of your servers are struggling to keep up with the pace.
  • Staff Rotation will let you shift your servers around if one rout seems too hard for its current server. This tool is an automatic win-win, both the server and your customers will have a more pleasant experience.
  • Mobile POS Devices allow your staff to take orders directly at the table, or automatically order another round of drinks, and then move on to the next table knowing that the kitchen and the bar have been notified, eliminating the back and forth to multiple stations and trying to decipher handwritten orders.
  • Tableside Payments Our MPOS devices are not only able to process payments at the table but are also capable of splitting items into multiple checks for customers as well as providing Frequent Diner rewards.
  • Bar Service with a reorder button on the screen, CISP standards to better protect customer’s credit card’s information, and a security camera interface to monitor and record what drinks were poured and what price is entered per transaction.
  • Delivery Service with a caller ID, a dispatch register feature where employees can print out detailed maps with the quickest route, and a feature that allows drivers to paychecks quicker and easier.
  • Counter and Drive Thru Services by speeding up orders with a confirmation display in your drive-thru and having a handheld device to “line bust”.

If your team is already moving at top speed, let our Digital Dining POS system eliminate their back and forth and speed up your customer’s dining experience. Whether it’s speeding up your table service, drive-thru or delivery services, Digital Dining can do it all.