To all our wonderful dealers, clients, and partners,


For those of you I have not had the pleasure to meet, my name is Andre Nataf, I am a former restaurateur and I have been with Digital Dining for over 12 years as the executive director of business development. The 5 years before I owned and ran a top Digital Dining dealership. Beyond my last 17 years with Digital Dining, I owned a POS dealership for a total of 13 years. It was during that time that I also worked for Heartland selling credit card processing. Of course this was in Heartland’s early stages as a business. I remember them having regional meetings in my office around my conference table. It is there that I first met Bob Carr, the founder and CEO of Heartland. I knew then, what we all know now and that is that he had and still has something special with Heartland. That is why I could not be prouder to again be part of his team and have Digital Dining associated with this world-class company.

Coincidently, it was 35 years ago that Kay Branson and Graham Granger, two young entrepreneurs founded Digital Dining. Neither the touch screens nor the PC had yet been invented. Windows were things you opened and closed to let fresh air in and definitely computers were not used in restaurants for POS. Computers and screens were gigantic yet had 1/100 the power of your smart phone. Even with all that stacked against them they went on to build one of the best-recognized brands and most highly acclaimed restaurant POS product available. Digital Dining has been a market leader in technology, feature set, and dependability for over 32 years and that is a testament to our two founders. They, like Bob Carr did with Heartland, built Digital Dining based on principles, hard work, customer service and innovation. The entire DD team of employees could not be happier for them or more proud and grateful to them for building such a great product and company. We wish them well and know that they will stay proud of not only what they have built but as Digital Dining continues to grow without them.

Of course they did not do it alone and it is worth mentioning that we have an immensely talented team that has played a huge role in the success of Digital Dining. It is also very important to acknowledge all of you. First and foremost you see, our hard, resourceful, committed network of local dealers have created an iconic reputation for not only quality of service but also depth of product knowledge. Secondly our loyal restaurant clients that keep bringing us into every business they are involved in. It is our clients that from day one serve as our product compass to keep us innovating and staying on track for making Digital Dining the best POS in the world. Last and not least, it is our amazing partners that have engineered better solutions with us to make the sum of our products exponentially more valuable than each product individually, thus creating the true best of breed solution for restaurants centered on Digital Dining.

I know our future is bright and we now have the backing to grow 10 fold while continuing to be a force for decades to come. We will do this in the manner that Digital Dining and Heartland have done for years and years. We will combine our strength but maintain our independence and in doing so keep the things that have made these companies strong and powerful intact. Being a part of a publicly traded company will give us all the resources we did not have as a private company. It will also give us more credibility with those publicly traded restaurant groups that never felt comfortable doing business with a company smaller than them. (A special thanks goes out to the many of you who did anyways).

I have no doubt that you will be seeing many exciting enhancements and perks from this deal but for now I wanted to personally thank you for your loyalty, belief and commitment in our product. I also want to assure you that it is only going to get better from here. We are hiring in many people and leveraging the many people available to us at Heartland with a focus on growth and speed of development. We want to keep setting the bar higher and higher, achieving greater and greater things for Digital Dining’s incredible restaurant clients. This is what my team and Heartland’s team is already working on right now!

Cheers and thank you for your ongoing commitment and support.


Andre Nataf
Senior Vice President of Digital Dining


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