Client Written Testimonials


Jan Olpin / Owner

Home of the Train – Dairy Keen

“We Absolutely LOVE Digital Dining. Our business has soared thanks to Digital Dining. We started using Digital Dining in 2002 and since then business is up by 8 times. Thanks Digital Dining, we now have been awarded “ Best in the State of Utah” for 8 years in a row, could not have done that without you.”in mobility.

Phil Anglin / Owner

Rhino’s Pub

“When we purchased our 2nd location we decided to use a different POS system. Big mistake! We quickly realized that if we wanted to move our new business forward, we needed the Digital Dining software and technical support that we benefited from at our first location.”


Mark Byrum / Owner

Urban Restaurants

“After using many POS systems in the industry we recently made the switch to Digital Dining. Our dealer has been amazing in implementing this software to meet all of our needs. We are very impressed with the stability and capability of Digital Dining.”

Greg Jansen & Ed Gilbertz / Owners

Primetime Sports Bar

“We have been a happy Digital Dining customer for over 6 years and we don’t know what we would do without it. The stability and reporting capability is exactly what we needed for our restaurant. Being a long time user of Digital Dining we would recommend the system to anybody looking at Point of Sale”


Robert Zirelli / Vice President

Veniero’s Pastry

“We were blown away by the efficiency Digital Dining brought to our business. Our sales increased 15% in the very first month.”

Adrees Ali / Manager

Brooklyn Bowl

“Our venue is 30,000 square feet with a restaurant, music concert venue, multiple bars, and a bowling alley. We need the ability to be mobile. The Digital Dining wireless handheld POS is invaluable to our operation.”


Nick Cacchione / Owner

Riverstone Cafe

“I have worked with Digital Dining for over 10 years and could not be happier, in fact I use DD at all my locations.”

Vince Ippolito / Owner

Eleven Front

“I purchased the most advanced products on the Point of Sale market. We went with the new flat screen POS Tablet and Digital Dining Inventory Management. The iPad size device is portable or mounted as a low profile POS. I want to express just how satisfied I am.”


James Lucas / Owner

Harpoon Hanna’s

“When their competitors said it couldn’t be done, Digital Dining’s dealer said ‘we’ll find a way to do it.”

Holly Emmons / F & B Director

Union Hospital

“Our Digital Dining Dealer has two things going for them, excellent products and excellent service.”


Tim Breckenridge / Owner

TJ’s Beef & Brew


“The order entry screen is what initially attracted me to Digital Dining but the back office being very diverse and easy to work is what hooked me. When I opened my next restaurant Digital was my first choice. In addition I added five handheld units for quicker table service and better efficiency. We were able to get drinks out to our guests in literally half the time as traditional terminal entry. I have since opened two more restaurants and upgraded to the newest version of Digital Dining. The new graphics are great for order entry and the database is more secure than ever. I simply love the versatility of and ease of use that comes with Digital Dining. “

Mark Panasuk / General Manager

Boulevard 3

“We are so happy that we went with Digital Dining 5 years ago. We have used most of the other major POS Systems in the past, and Digital Dining Is not only easy for my staff, flexible Back of the House with reporting, but most importantly very reliable. In 5 years I have only had to call support 2-3 times, and that was to buy some printers, etc…“


Luther Kwok / Concept Manager

Panda Restaurant Group

“A great friend of my is in the process of opening a full service. I can not think of a better company for their POS needs.”

Gene Rotondo / Owner

Legend’s Sports Bar

“The Digital Dining handheld product has literally raised my gross revenue over 20%. I cannot believe that every restaurant in America is not using Digital Dining. This the greatest POS system I have owned in 25 years of business.”


Steven DiMillo / Manager

DiMillo’s Restaurant

“We serve more lobsters and clams than any other restaurant in Maine and when we went looking for a POS we needed one that could handle our volume and keep our profits above the waterline. We love Digital Dining”

Ray Geurin / Owner

Oarhouse Restaurant

“The service and software couldn’t be better. I am going to be testing iPads and iPhones this summer. That is the great thing about Digital Dining, they always have the greatest technology working, far before anyone else”


Jim Largess / VP of F&B

Sunday River Ski Resort

“Digital Dining is the premier ski resort F&B POS. We were one of the first resorts to put Digital Dining in and since then they have expanded into many resorts throughout the USA. The Fingerprint ID technology is a no-brainer! We love it and continue to highly recommend it”

Kurt Mirtsching / General Manager

Shakespeare’s Pizza

“We’ve been with Digital Dining since it was on punch cards. Its versatility, and the features that they keep adding, allow our two locations to compete with the big guys. We’re approached from time to time by vendors of other POS systems who want us to switch. We looked, but no way, no how, no comparison.”


Larry Crepeaux / GM

Monteaux’s Public House

“Digital Dining s truly the best choice for Point of Sale. Having worked with other POS in the area before, we can definitely see a distinct difference. The customer service & support went far beyond my expectations. I would recommend them to anybody looking for a POS System!”

Patricia Wilshire / System Administrator for new registers

Sodexo JC Penny Worldwide Headquarters

“We have 2 cafeterias, 2 coffee shops, a restaurant, and a Starbucks. When we switched our registers to NCR, they recommended we go with Digital Dining for the software package. We have been very pleased with Digital Dining. They have been able to produce any reports that we needed. The reports are easy to read and the system is very user friendly. “


Anthony Struzick / Food Service Director

Monroe Community College

“Digital Dining is a complete business solution which has increased our speed of service and our sales. In the two years we have had it, we have seen our sales grow multi-double digits because it lets our cashiers move more people through the lines.”

Chris Cesta / Owner

Inn Between Restaurant

“This system is the best value of all the POS available because it does everything for you”


Tonya Clark / Owner

Benvenuto’s Italian Grill

“We used others in the past, but we had a lot of problems with system down time. Since our local dealer installed Digital Dining at our restaurants, we don’t have the down time problems, and their support staff is great. We love those guys”

Matt Prescott / Owner

Candlelight Inn Restaurants

“Since installing the Digital Dining handheld solution my sales are up over 20%, the customer service has improved and my labor costs have gone down. This technology has turned my average servers into great servers and they are making so much more money in tips.”


Stefano Bronzati / Owner/Operator


“Simple, yet versatile is Digital Dining system. We now have it in several Winger’s locations, both corporate owned and franchise owned. We find it easy to program and it delivers all the reports we require. We rarely have problems with the hardware.”

Chris Luffrano / Owner

Aloha Salads

”Professional, efficient, and exceptional service are just a few words to describe our local Digital Dining dealer. Helping us to customize our Digital Dining system from the start, they have been more than helpful every step of the way! A pleasure to work with!”


Katie Nguyen / General Manager

Tony Roma’s Aiea/Pearlridge

“I am pleased to extend and share my experience in using Digital Dining. This system is very expansive, we have been using the system for the past 3 years and have yet to fully utilize all of the capabilities and reports that it can provide I would highly recommend using Digital Dining”

David Militello / Multi-Concept Operator/ Restaurant Coach

South Haven Dining Restaurants

“As a Restaurant coach and a multi unit concept operator, I rely on my POS to guide me and my clients to profitability. Digital Dining Software is centered around financial controls, table management and most importantly, solid and easily configurable reporting. Menusoft is an innovative company that is constantly in search of better ways to help us solve our challenges that happen every day in the restaurant business. If you are serious about controls in your operation, Digital Dining is the solution.”


Paula Stauffer / Co-Owner

Arby’s Franchisee

“The Digital Dining system enables me to track inventory variances that can ‘red flag’ a theft problem, but more importantly, has features that make it very difficult for staff to steal.”


Lisa Limcaco / CFO

La Bou Café California

“The biggest selling point was that Digital Dining could integrate all 22 locations with the corporate office, allowing for universal changes that can be distributed to all locations.”

Rick Dworaczyk / IT- POS Director

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Texas

“The system is apt at ensuring order-change accuracy – to charge the customer properly for everything they order … We also like the speed, it greatly improves customer service because it improves response times.” Now with handhelds “By the time the customer is paying, the order is being called”


Randy Solis / Director of Information Technology

Harbour Ridge Country Club Florida

“The club’s members and their guests are “fascinated” by the Digital Dining handheld POS terminals and impressed by the increased speed of service from better order flow to the kitchen and by a greater amount of attention from servers who no longer must trek back and forth to fixed terminals. Table turns that once averaged 45 minutes to an hour now run 25 minutes to 30 minutes, the ease of use and portability of the handheld terminals mean that they get used for all club functions, from patio lunches to cocktail parties. The implementation of handhelds has even resulted in a 1.5% improvement in margins because of reduced shrinkage and better inventory controls.”

Chris Corp / VP of IT

Houlihan’s National

“When we looked for a POS product to replace what we were using, Digital Dining stood out far above the rest when it came to the depth of product and functionality. Houlihan’s has realized tremendous gains from our relationship with Digital Dining. The technology and quality of software that Digital Dining brings to the table, gives us a competitive advantage that no other POS solution could have offered us. Although it is a very powerful application we are impressed at how willing Digital Dining is to incorporate our suggestions in their development. They are an outstanding partner.”


David Keegan / Managing Partner

Left Coast Restaurants California

“Digital Dining’s finger print reading capability forces managers to handle personally register voids and other situations that require access to restricted information or maybe indicators of employee fraud. Digital Dining’s finger print ID is the greatest thing ever, it completely eliminated buddy punching at all our restaurants.”

David Vincent / Vice President IT

Kneader’s Utah

“Kneader’s was interested in adding tools that would help our in-store and corporate team members gain greater control over our operations, Digital Dining and QSR’s ePic solution offered us the best option. Working with this system has allowed us to prepare our concept for franchising. The solution we had prior to installing Digital Dining and ePic KDS was not robust enough for what we needed.”


Wende Curtis / Owner

Comedy Works Colorado

“We have a very short window of time to serve customers and capture revenue; we are constantly looking for innovation to help us speed up our process. Since we installed Digital Dining’s mobile solution featuring the Epson mobile printers and the Symbol MC50 terminals, our wait staff is more readily available and that has absolutely increased sales.”

Kathleen Ruper / Program Director

Cincinnati State, Midwest Culinary Institute – Ohio

“I was assigned the task of setting up and opening the dining room at the new Midwest Culinary Institute at Cincinnati State, this also included teaching students how to run and operate the dining room as part of their service and beverage class. We wanted the POS system to be as new, cutting edge and high tech as the rest of the building but it also had to be easy for the students to master. We chose Digital Dining software for our Point of Sale system and I am thrilled we did. Not only is this the best system I have worked with it was very user friendly for our students. The support and training we received was outstanding, it is with utmost confidence that I recommend Digital Dining.”


Nelson Head / Owner, Founder and Chairman

Dixie Bones Virginia

“Everyone gets in and out faster, the mobile solution has increased our efficiencies dramatically. We serve our guests faster since we rolled out the mobile POS, the staff makes better tips, and customers love the new technology. It’s like having little POS terminals that you take with you everywhere.”

Racynda – General Manager

Night Trips – Tulsa

“I absolutely love the Digital Dining / POS system. It makes everything easy and quick from a waitress ordering drinks and food to the manager at the night who does the books getting out of work 30 minutes earlier.”