Digital Dining’s Dashboard is a powerful web-based reporting tool for inventory, labor scheduling, and a variety of other critical needs. Any report you create can be added to the Dashboard as a graph or report. Items on the Dashboard may be moved and organized in any manner desired. The Dashboard also allows you to monitor trends by viewing same-day sales from year to year. Dashboard also helps you maintain security by enabling you to view fraud alert reports that list unauthorized voids, high tips, transfers, “no sale” transactions, and more. You can also create customized versions of the Dashboard specifically for each user’s needs. For instance, you can set up a store manager’s Dashboard to display the store’s log book, while the owner’s Dashboard displays financial information for all stores.

Staff Scheduling & Management

This optional module allows employees to update their availability, request time off, view schedules from the web, e-mail, and cell phones, and trade shifts with other employees. Also, managers can drastically reduce the time they spend on scheduling, use sales forecasts to minimize labor costs, and monitor overtime.

Inventory Management

This optional module helps you control your inventory costs by tracking your purchase orders and invoices, waste, and weekly usage. Our enterprise recipe management system enables you to monitor ideal usage amounts and suggest order quantities. Use the Dashboard to monitor vendor invoices to ensure they are sticking to the contract prices.

Web-Based Access

Digital Dining’s Dashboard is a web-based tool, viewable from any Internet accessed device. Access the information you need, anywhere at any time.

POS Intelligence

We help you manage smarter by collecting every bit of data available throughout your organization and POS systems. Track sales, guest, and menu item trends for one store or a thousand. Get key performance metrics delivered by e-mail. Set up alerts to monitor cash over/shorts, comps, voids, and employee overtime.

Dashboard Enterprise

Our Enterprise system allows you to set up multiple reporting hierarchies, so different users can view the information they want for all of your businesses without creating separate reports for each store. It is a powerful data warehouse and business intelligence system that is easily accessed via a web browser.