Deciding on the payment methods you will process can either cause you grief or cost you business. We can make it easy for you, because the customer is always right, especially with their favorite method of payment. No cash, no

Surviving team meetings & keeping your staff on the same page. Perhaps one of the most overlooked but vital elements of the restaurant industry is team meetings. Although staff meetings are notorious for being a dreaded part of any workplace,

How training your team to work together can improve your bottom line In a restaurant, the ambiance, atmosphere, and efficiency of the establishment can make quite as much impact upon a patron as the food itself.  Each person to enter

How is your staff affecting the bottom line? Working in a restaurant can be intense, but rewarding.  A job well done means that customers were satisfied with their dining experience and staff felt appreciated for their hard work.  But with

Staff  Presentation is the Face of Your Establishment There is an old adage that reminds us of an important truth:  “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” You have worked hard to make the outside of

Digital Dining is the Future of High-Tech Restaurants 73% of restaurant owners agree that the use of technology in a restaurant provides a competitive advantage and profitability. Customers are more willing to use high-tech restaurants, mobile apps, mobile payments and

Don’t Choose a Hot Dog Over Filet Mignon Everyone appreciates the finer things in life.  There is no comparison between a Hot Dog and Filet Mignon, a Model T and a Porsche,  or the basic functions of a POS and

Valentine’s Day Tipping A Guide to Satisfied Customers and Staff People love to eat out on holidays, and Valentine’s Day is no exception!  Your restaurant is likely to be filled with parties of two celebrating their special night.  Why not

Healthy Menu Items and Old Favorites for the Resolution Season The holidays are behind us and your restaurant can finally return to status quo.  Well, almost.  The new year brings new goals and rather than ordering their favorite comfort foods,

Holiday Surge Simplified for Hotel Restaurant As you already know, it is complicated to run a hotel restaurant.   Adding the influx of holiday travelers to an already complex enterprise can leave you feeling defeated.  You want your restaurant to run