Feature Highlights

Centralized Data

The Multistore Setup and Office programs allow you to create and manage system data for all of your member stores from a single headquarters location. You can create system files (such as register definitions) for one or more new stores at a single headquarters computer and then export them to stores as data packages. You can create different system files for different restaurant concepts.You can also create a single database of menu items that includes every item sold at every store. You can assign different prices for different stores to each menu item. You can also ‘lock’ certain menu items, allowing the headquarters to decide which menu items store managers may edit. You can export update data packages to one or more stores simultaneously through the internet.

Thus, you can make critical data changes (for instance, to POS windows, menu items, prices, or tax tables) that might apply to many stores at a single headquarters computer and then export those updated files to all appropriate stores in your chain.

Data Warehousing

Multistore member stores can also export their daily sales transaction information to the corporate headquarters location through the internet. Stores can export sales data either manually or automatically as a part of their end-of-day processing procedures. Headquarters can then download each store’s data package, extract the sales data, and integrate it into its central database. All the data is stored at your headquarters, so no third party company will have access to your data.By collecting and storing sales data for all member stores in a single database, headquarters can generate a vast array of reports regarding sales, receipts, discounts, charges, voids, and taxes. You can generate reports for a specific store, a region, a concept, or an entire chain. You can also export any of these reports in a variety of formats, including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

Loyalty Plans

Attract new customers and keep them coming back with Digital Dining’s Frequent Diner program. Digital Dining gives you the tools to create and maintain customer loyalty through reward plans while increasing sales in your restaurant. The customer database stores vital customer information that helps you get to know your patrons and their preferences and then create promotions that cater to those interests. You can select customer information by specific interests and print mailing labels for those customers only.