Hotel and Resort Restaurant Solutions

Thanks to Digital Dining’s hotel solutions, managing food service in your hotel has never been easier or more efficient. Our integrated PMS interface allows servers to verify a customer’s room account at the POS upon opening a check, and then charge the room account when closing a check. Even payments made with credit cards can also be posted to a PMS account, facillitating centralized property reconciliation. You can also customize the layouts of customer checks to fit the particular needs of your operation, like printing the account name and room number with the signature line.
Add DD Mobile and you have an unbeatable combination! Have all the functionality of a desktop terminal in the palm of your hand. DIGITAL DINING’s Mobile POS allows servers to handle more guests efficiently,reducing labor cost and increasing speed of service and profits.

Highly Flexible PMS Interface

Our integrated POS allows you to validate a customer’s room account immediately while creating a new check. When you print a customer’s check, the POS can include the customer’s name,room number,and signature line on the printed check.
And when you close the check, the POS immediately accesses the PMS database and charges the room account.

Highly Customizable POS

Customize all POS printing for checks,prep tickets, clock in and clock out slips,and server reports. Select the features you need for particular types of POS stations based on staff departments, times of day, and days of the week.

Integrated Credit Card

Servers and bartenders can accept credit cards for partial payments, split a check between multiple customers, and authorize a sale by simply swiping the card after placing the order.The POS automatically posts credit card charges to PMS room accounts for centralized auditing.

Transfer Checks

Transfer a single check,multiple checks, or all of the open checks from one staff member to another.Table staff can even transfer menu items between guest checks. All transactions are done securely with an audit trail.

Hold and Fire

Hold selected menu items, such as entrees, so they do not print in the kitchen immediately. Table servers can send held items to the kitchen by setting a time of day or a day of the week on a timer for future orders.

Features Benefits
Round Order The Reorder button allows you to reorder a round of drinks for every customer on a check without having to reorder each drink manually.
Split Items Servers can split menu items between two or more customers by using the Reorder feature. The POS creates separate checks and calculates their totals before or after an order is sent to the kitchen.
Graphical Split
The graphical split check feature allows table servers to separate checks by person manually. The POS then calculates the total for each order and prints separate receipts.
Item Out List Use the Item Out Alternative feature to stay updated on out- of-stock menu items. If a customer orders an item that is out-of-stock, the POS can suggest an appropriate alternate item.
Fingerprint ID The Fingerprint ID allows staff to clock in, clock out, and perform selected functions based on their security levels.