Mobile Payments

Is Identity Theft on Your Menu?

With Digital Dining Handhelds, you can order and pay at the table. No worries about
identity theft. Your customer’s credit card is never out of sight.

From personalized ordering to table side reconciliation, Digital Dining does it all!

  • One complete system
  • No third party software
  • No need for separate pay-at-the-table hardware

Giftango – Long time DD partner Giftango’s eGift delivery has redefined the connection between merchants and their customers through Digital Dining’s stored value solutions. As the pioneer of digital gift card delivery, Giftango helps leverage your gift card program in new ways to drive sales. For example with the mobile Delivery of gift cards instantly to mobile phones, convert plastic gift cards to digital, or enhance your existing mobile stored value program.

Tabbedout – the free mobile payment app that allows consumers to open, view and pay tabs with their phones is available on both iPhone and Android smartphones, Tabbedout was built by security experts who like to have a good time. The mobile payment app allows users to securely store credit or debit card information directly on their phone, encrypted and under pass-phrase protection, instead of on host servers or in “the cloud.” Consumers are safe from the threat of stolen payment information due to lost or forgotten credit cards since they now can open and pay their tab directly from their phone without handing over their credit or debit information to a server. Patrons can also view their itemized tab in real-time, removing any surprises at the end of the night.

Tabbedout frees up the staff’s time so they can focus on serving more drinks to more people, especially during peak hours. This lets you create an experience that keeps guests coming back and that includes giving them a secure way to pay that they can control from their own phone.Tabbedout is integrated with DD, making it as easy as a simple software update for bars and restaurants to deploy and without the need for any new hardware. With Tabbedout, bars and restaurants can spend more time serving food and drinks to their patrons instead of processing closed checks, which means more revenue for their bottom line.

Now you can have all the functionality of Digital Dining POS in the palm of your hand.
Protect your customer’s identity and add peace of mind

Accepting Mobile Payments with a Smartphone or Tablet

Many merchants seek innovative ways to engage customers
and improve the shopping experience. The ever-expanding capabilities of mobile devices such as smart phones ortablets now includes payment acceptance. Along with the increased convenience at the Point of Sale, mobile payment acceptance can also bring new risks to the security of cardholder data. Securing account data at the point of capture is one way that you can actively help in controlling these risks. In 2012, validated Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) solutions will be listed on the PCI Council (PCI SSC) website. If you choose to accept mobile payments, these solutions may help you in your responsibilities under PCI DSS.This At a Glance provides an example of a P2PE solution that leverages a mobile device’s display and communication functions to secure mobile payments. Central to the example is the use of an approved hardware accessory in conjunction with a validated P2PE solution. Combining a validated P2PE solution with mobile devices such as phones or tablets helps to maintain data security throughout the payment lifecycle. For more info see