Multi Concept Venue

No matter how big the operation or how many stations, Digital Dining can provide the scale and flexibility you need to manage your multi-concept venue. Digital Dining enables you to run multiple venues – with different concepts, operational styles, menus, and services – all on a single network, and you can manage those venues as separate profit centers within a single integrated system.For all the concepts in your venue, you can create and manage registers, menu items, POS windows, prep locations, layouts, and staff records, all from a single back office database. By maintaining a single database for staff, you can move servers from one concept to another based on shifting labor needs. By providing a consistent POS interface at every site, staff can move between concepts with minimal training.Digital Dining also provides multiple operational types, such as Table, Bar, Cafeteria, and Fast Food Service, and you can run those operational styles on either stationary registers or handheld POS devices. Our customizable reporting capability enables you to create a virtually unlimited number of reports for analyzing sales data for each venue, including comparative profit center reports.

Multiple Revenue Centers

Our Multi-Concept Venue product enables you to support multiple themed areas (like French, Italian, or Mexican) or totally different operational styles (like Table Service, Bar Service, or Counter Service), all in one fully integrated system.

Multiple Kitchens and Prep Locations

You can easily configure Digital Dining to support multiple kitchens and beverage prep areas to work for the Multi-Concept Venue. Dynamically bring kitchens and prep areas into play based on a number of criteria, including time of day and day of the week.