Digital Dining / Menusoft defeat Ameranth Inc. in patent Infringement case and invalidates the patent



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Digital Dining / Menusoft Systems defeats Ameranth Inc. in patent Infringement case and invalidates patent as well


Marshall, TX – Menusoft Systems, developer of industry acclaimed hospitality point of sale (POS) software, Digital Dining obtained a favorable jury verdict in a case filed by Ameranth Inc., which claimed that Digital Dining had copied its technology. This case lasted over two and a half years and cost Menusoft Systems millions of dollars in legal fees and countless hours in research and litigation but in the end justice was served by a jury verdict  finding all seven asserted patent claims not infringed and invalid. Ameranth had tried to convince Menusoft to take a license, but Digital Dining declined, electing to challenge the allegations by Ameranth and take a stand on behalf of itself, its dealers and customers.  While other POS companies made a business decision to settle rather than go through the enormous legal cost of defending themselves, Digital Dining chose to fight the long, costly and emotional battle. This has served all of the POS industry


“We knew from the beginning that Digital Dining licensed handhelds had nothing to do with their patent’s technology but it was a big and expensive decision to take this battle on,” said Graham Granger, Menusoft Systems’ President.  “Neither choice was good or financially palatable but we stood up for what we believed in and what we knew in our hearts.” said Kay Branson, Menusoft Systems Vice President. Both Branson and Granger acknowledged the tireless job that their entire legal team from Fulbright and Jaworski as well as their local council did in defending them. “It is difficult to explain our company’s 25 years of business in the 12 hours we were allowed to present our case and they did a great job explaining not only our product but also our commitment to integrity, honesty and the pioneering of innovative technology in the industry” added Branson.


Digital Dining is now in its 26th year of production and development. An original innovator in the PC-based POS hospitality market, they continue to lead the industry with extremely innovative functionality and features. Digital Dining has over 35,000 installed users in North America. Menusoft Systems Corporation (developers of Digital Dining) is a privately held Virginia corporation and operates its business in office facilities in the city of Springfield right outside of Washington, D.C. Since 1984, Menusoft has increased sales and profitability in almost every year of operation. Digital Dining is exclusively distributed through its channel of POS resellers throughout North America.


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