Staff Maintenance

Essential staff information is maintained and updated in Digital Dining’s Staff area. The program’s features can be used to analyze productivity, provide time and attendance information for payroll, and have each staff member’s pertinent information at your fingertips.

Staff Member Maintenance allows you to:

  • Make staff member records active or inactive
  • Rate staff members according to their ability and performance
  • Record and maintain availability for individual staff members
  • Assign staff members to up to eight different staff departments
  • Record historical information on “memo” tabs for each staff member
  • Provide complete sales and tip history for each staff member
  • Review declared tips, charge tips and sales for individual staff members
  • Send e-mail messages to individual staff members or to selected groups of staff members
  • Edit and report time and attendance transactions
  • Export payroll data to external payroll programs or payroll services
  • Print lists of staff members
  • Print sales analysis reports
  • Monitor who is clocked in at any time
  • Report gross labor costs
  • Maintain staff departments and groups
  • Maintain up to ninety-nine different security positions, with different levels of system access